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We are a full turnkey service provider specializing in taking private operating companies public onto the OTC Marketplace. Whether this means an S-1 Registration Statement, 1-A Regulation A+ Offering, a reverse merger with a blank check shell company or performing all the filings on behalf of your existing company, we are both knowledgeable and experienced in taking all sorts of companies public. If you're looking to take the next step with your private business then you need a reliable, exceptional team of professionals working for you. Here at V Financial Group that is exactly what you'll find.

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Taking a company public is a tedious process. We expedite the work for you, so you can focus on what's important: your company.

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Do you want your company to have actual free trading stock? Of course you do, but that doesn't just happen by itself. It happens when you have a knowledgeable team handling the necessary SEC filings step by step to achieve this goal.

Blank Check Companies

We can assist any private operating company with an acquisition of, or merger with, a blank check shell company. A reverse merger with a blank check shell company is a great option for private companies looking to gain access to the capital markets in a shorter timeframe than with traditional methods. In addition, our staff can assist with any follow up services such as, but not limited to, Edgarization services for future SEC filings.

Knowledge & Experience

We can assist with absolutely any SEC filing and will both edit and file on behalf of your company. Our staff will also write and file S-1 Registration Statements. In addition we can, and will, respond to any subsequent SEC questions, or comments.

PPM Writing

Here at V Financial Group we also write detailed, comprehensive Private Placement Memorandums (PPM's) that are aesthetically pleasing, exceedingly clear and include every necessary component you will require.

Every businessman and businesswoman knows the importance of crowdfunding pursuant to the JOBS Act. What better way to take advantage of crowdfunding than by filing a Regulation A+ Offering? With a 1-A you can bypass blue sky laws, sell free trading stock, and can utilize general solicitation.

Recent Developments at V Financial Group

We are the First Service Provider to ever file a Regulation A+ Offering!

We now cater to clients Worldwide!

V Financial Group has been fantastic to work with over the years. They have always proven to be insightful and quick to help us to accomplish our goals, assisting throughout any process. We sincerely appreciate and value their services and recommend V Financial with high regard.

Eric Mosser,
Chief Operating Officer and Director of Kaival Brands Innovations Group, Inc.