Additional Services

Business Structuring

In addition to our broad range of services and available form 10 shell companies we have for sale, we at V Financial Group can help structure your business to protect it from any potential liabilities. Alternatively we can help to optimize it so that a certain group of individuals will be able to maintain control when your company does end up going public.


If your company is looking to merge with another company through the use of a form 10 shell or otherwise, has questions about how to structure certain transactions, or would like to ask our opinion on any related matter, we can offer you a turnkey solution on how to best construct such operations for a nominal fee.

Business Plans

One of the most important ways to get your company's idea off the ground, or to interest future investors and clients, is to create an effective business plan. We can write professional and visually appealing business plans for a very reasonable fee that varies on a case by case basis. Every company is different and so are the needs of every client; for serious inquiries please refer to our contact information.

We may offer a complimentary business plan review to our clients who choose to purchase a Form 10 shell.

Contact a Consultant

If you have any further questions or are looking to speak with our knowledgeable consultants, please send us a message below.