Blank Check Companies - Reverse Merger

A reverse merger with, or acquisition of, a blank check company for sale is a great means to go public. Not only can it drastically reduce timelines, but it can also provide a great means to raise capital due to the existing liquidity of the entity.

There are usually several blank check companies for sale in the market, with significant price variance based upon their associated attributes. In most cases, an operating business would seemingly be best served by acquiring a blank check company for sale that has no assets, no liabilities, and is current with all SEC filings.

It is usually best to avoid a blank check company for sale that has what many refer to as “skeletons in the closet”. These include, but are not limited to, past and present litigation, past due filings, significant liabilities, failure to file reports, etc.

When looking for a blank check company for sale, it can be extremely time consuming, and difficult, to find a suitable entity that fits the profile and budget of a client. With our experience and familiarity with blank check shells we can quickly perform comprehensive due diligence on all such entities. We can reliably ascertain exactly what a client needs, including what to avoid, when it comes to identifying the ideal blank check company for sale that may subsequently be used for a business combination with an operating company.

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